The Joy of Stepping Out

Dear PARC Family,

When people ask me about the PARC I often times struggle with how to describe it and what happens here. Last week we attended a small group 
from our church. I was asked to introduce myself and tell about what I 'do'. As I began to talk about the PARC, I expressed that I was the most unlikely person for God to choose to do this kind of work. I have never been homeless or addicted to any kind of drugs or alcohol. I have been in a very sheltered cocoon for most of my life, which made me unfamiliar with the culture of the PARC. As I continued to talk I began to cry. I was humbled by the fact that God would choose me, the most unlikely of all people, to get to have the honor of being a part of the PARC. 

the PARC has allowed me to meet the most amazing people. People that I would not have known were it not for this place. My eyes have definitely been opened as I have had the opportunity to walk the journeys with the many people that come through our doors. Even though I have not walked the path that these have walked, I experience acceptance here that I have not ever known. I've witnessed perseverance, tenacity, generosity and kindness expressed in ways beyond my comprehension. I get to watch miracles daily as I watch God change people from the inside out. My goodness. I am grateful.

Thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone and taking the time to know people that are often unseen. Oh yes, the PARC is changing our community. But, more than that, the PARC is changing US!!!