#Expand the PARC

Five and a half years ago, Robert and I started on a journey with just an idea and a dream. We started with a business plan that we had ‘googled’, gathered what money we had and opened an account for the PARC with $150.00. As we moved ahead with little understanding of the process, we began to see the dream become a reality. We found a building that would suit our needs perfectly. When it came time to sign the papers for this building, we had to pay $1000.00. We had $1200.00 in the bank. The day we signed the papers we felt stupid and scared, but we had promised each other that we would take the next step as long as we had the money to do so. After months of uncertainty and setbacks, the doors of the PARC opened on November 19, 2014. The first day that we opened the door, no one was there!! I panicked. Slowly they trickled in and our numbers began to grow. It wasn’t long before we realized that the vision and core principles that this agency is based on worked. Success happened quickly as we began to fill the gap in our community in helping those that are homeless find hope and realize their possibilities.

More and more are coming. Since last year our attendance has increased by 288%!! Whereas for the first couple of years we saw between 10 – 15 per day, we are now averaging 45 per day, with our numbers sometimes reaching up in to the 60’s. We serve 158 unique individuals a month. Even with the higher numbers, success happens quickly when those without homes choose to be a part of what we do. the PARC has a 67.7% success rate of members getting into homes, finding jobs, going to school, etc. This simple plan of showing value and acceptance is powerful and effective. We are changing lives AND our community.

Our little building is no longer big enough for the number of people that are coming. We already have seen some come in, not be able to find a place to sit, and leave. That is not acceptable. We need more space. the PARC currently serves approximately 20.4% of the homeless population in Amarillo. With the purchase of the property behind us, as we expand and build, we will have the opportunity of reaching up to 61.2% of those that are homeless in our community. Being located on the edge of downtown makes us a vital part of the rebuilding of our city. Those that are homeless have a place to come during the day, and when they come, they are changed! 67.7% are breaking the cycle and becoming contributing members of our community!

We have a contract to purchase the property behind us. We need to raise $250,00.00 by November to begin the building process. the PARC’s main goal is to break the cycle of homelessness for every individual. Downtown Amarillo is changing. It’s time for homelessness to change, too! Please give generously. Click here to give today.