Just Do It!

Walk by faith, not by sight. We hear that a lot in our conversations. Sometimes we hear it so often it just sounds like a cliche'. We hear it at the PARC quite often. But what does that really look like? Walk by faith? I think the first thing it takes is action. We have to DO something. Most times it requires that we do something that doesn't make sense. In that way we have to have courage. It's scary when we do something that we don't understand, we certainly don't know the outcome and it feels a little risky. It also takes humility, because many times we feel stupid. We are moving forward in a direction, by faith, believing that God knows more about this than me. If I truly believe that He is who He says He is, then I have to trust that even though what I am about to do I cannot understand, nor can I explain it or make sense of it, I have to DO it because I believe God said.

the PARC has walked by faith throughout our short 5 year history. Robert and I opened the account for the PARC with $150.00, because that was all we had. We made a promise that if God gave us enough for the next step, that we would take it. We bought a building with $1200.00 in the bank. I felt really stupid that day. But, we made a promise. Our board operates in the same manner. We review all the facts, make sure we understand the position and the finances, and then make our decision by faith. If I were to be perfectly honest with you, I will tell you that walking by faith is pretty stressful at times.

So, here we stand on the precipice of our 'next'. We believe God has told us to expand, and in that to always hold true to our core principles and values. We are well positioned to 'walk by faith'. Everyone on this staff came to the PARC by faith. It certainly wasn't for the money. All of our board members have committed to serve by faith. Many of you have given to the PARC based on your faith. We believe and we are moving forward because we believe that God said - by faith. So, here we go. I hope that you join us, and I want to thank you in advance for all of those that have already chosen. There are some great, mighty and amazing things on the horizon. If you are like me and suffer from FOMO, Fear of Missing Out, then you will want to jump on board and be a part of the amazing miracles and changes that God is allowing us to participate in for this city; for those that are most often not seen. I honestly believe that we are going to change the world, and I will admit that I am a little nervous.