Step by Step

The impact we have at the PARC is not always easily seen, but as we continue our mission to show acceptance and value to the members that come we find that lives are changed and people find the confidence to move forward even when we are unaware. Billy had been coming to the PARC for just a few weeks. He was very quiet, but always found a project and attended the classes. We noticed that he had a very kind heart and always looked out for those with disabilities or had trouble 'navigating' the streets. He brought a lot of people with him when he came, but he was always very quiet. Some of our volunteers found it difficult to have conversation with him, but one of our volunteers persisted and found that once she got him talking she couldn't get him to stop. It was enough!

He came in the next day to tell us that he was going to start a recovery program and wouldn't be at the PARC for about a month. Through the 'conversation' he acknowledged he had a problem and needed to gain victory over that in order to move on so that he could get off the streets and live independently. After the first day of his recovery program we received a note from him that he sent through a friend. We had no idea of the impact we had on him.

Billy found himself at the PARC. He found acceptance and friendship. He found hope and direction. He found accountability. This is only the beginning of the story. At the PARC we strive to change our community one life at a time. Billy is only one of the people that is being changed; that is finding the confidence to do what is needed to get out of homelessness. 

Come by to see what we do at the PARC. Meet some of the members and the volunteers that are a part of our team. Join us through your time or donations. We would love to have you!!