We are all on a journey. Each of us has his own path full of turns, pitfalls and victories. There are mountains to climb, rivers to forge and valleys through which we must walk. For those that are homeless it often seems that the mountains are higher and the valleys are deeper. There are so many obstacles that they must face just in their daily life. Lack of transportation, instability of environment and even worrying about having a place to sleep every night often becomes overwhelming. the PARC provides a place to step out of the storm, find some peace and stability and to remember that deep within them lies the means to continue their journey. They have goals and dreams, but when the river seems too wide to cross it is easy to throw up their hands and forget that the possibilities are real. At the PARC we remind them of who they are and help them to realize the potential that lies within.  

Enrique is on his journey. He arrived in Amarillo from Colorado and after many disappointments and turns he found himself at the Salvation Army. When he first came to the PARC he knew that he didn't want to stay where he was and he was determined that he did not want to stay homeless. He found encouragement and heard of possible job leads each day when he came to the PARC. He would report to us how his interview went or what applications he had filled out. Enrique walked a lot of miles in his determination to find work. 

One afternoon as we were closing Enrique popped in with a huge smile on his face. He was bursting with excitement when he told us that he had just gotten a job and he wanted to thank us for helping him! He was going to be a cook at Youngblood's Restaurant. Tim and Vicki Youngblood have big hearts and believe in second chances. Many have found their way out of homelessness because of their kindness and generosity. Enrique has been diligent to show up on time and work hard when he is there. He makes great eggs and his pancakes are the best around!

His journey continues."The PARC encourages me to seek a better life and helps me to believe in myself." He still came to the PARC on his days off and as we talked through his struggles we felt like a transition from Salvation Army to Another Chance House would be a move in the right direction. It would give him the structure and accountability he needed to help him accomplish his goals. He continued to look for more work with higher pay and more hours.

His journey continues. Today Enrique starts orientation for a full time job with full benefits. He also has found a place to live and will be moving next week. It has been our honor and our joy to walk with Enrique through this part of his journey. We are proud of his determination and look forward to seeing where the next part of his journey takes him.