Success is as diversified as the people who walk through our doors. It is defined in many different ways and on many different levels. Every person that walks into the PARC is treated as an individual and accepted in the place where they find themselves. Our passion is that each one find his value and be reminded that this may be where they are right now, but this is not where they have to stay. There are very real possibilities for them and we help them to find the confidence to move forward and take the necessary steps to break the cycle in which they have found themselves. The most simple concept is our most powerful. We see success happen quickly and on a daily basis because of relationship and providing opportunities for them to succeed. These relationships and opportunities happen directly through the volunteers. Some of them come weekly, and some come once a month. Some of them come and stay all day, and some stay for only an hour. But each one that comes becomes the reason our members find success.


Our members will tell you that the volunteers are the nicest and best people in the world. "They are all so open, helpful and generous with their feelings, which we find are similar to our own. The volunteers are personable and don't look down on us. We feel loved." "I feel driven because they celebrate my victories with me. I don't feel that any subject is off limits so I can share anything with them," "There is always open communication between the volunteers and the members and they treat us as friends. They don't look down on us, they are accepting and interested in us. The ones who come share their knowledge with us and encourage us to do more than we thought could." In a population where you are often overlooked and seldom acknowledged, these relationships are life changing. 

The stories you hear from the volunteers will be much the same. "I love it here. I feel accepted and it brings me joy. I like the friendships I have made and I can't wait to get back to catch up with them. Coming to the PARC fills my heart. It is MY time and I know this is where I belong. I love the smiles and the support, and I am motivated  by their positive attitudes in the midst of their circumstances. I can see God working every time I come. I see Him working in the triumphs and the falls. Their genuineness and openness inspires me."

We often say that the PARC is a no-judgement zone. When you come here you will find love, acceptance, respect, and value. Yes, we strive to be sure our members experience those things, but what we find is that our volunteers find it as well. I can tell you from a personal point of view that working at the PARC is the first time in my life that I feel that I can be totally myself and it is the right thing to do. YOU can find your place at the PARC. I encourage you to come by and see what we do. I think it will surprise you. Or, give us a call and set up a time to visit and take a tour. Our hours are Tuesday - Friday, 8:00 - 4:30. By just being yourself you can make an impact and change the direction of someone's life. This is an opportunity you do not want to miss!!!