1 Year Celebration

Just a week ago we celebrated 365 days of success. The PARC has been open for a year now, and its success is the lives transformed in the Amarillo homeless community. We thank everyone who made our open house a hit: planners, attendees, caterers, performers, cleanup crew, and every other person involved. We are blessed beyond measure to have a building where we can celebrate and minister.


There are so many stories of success that happened inside our doors. Our members have proven to us what they're made of and what they know they're worth by getting education, jobs, cars, and, of course, HOMES! We are so proud of the homeless in Amarillo who have transformed their lives. We wanted nothing else.

Our mission here at the PARC has benefitted more than just our members, too. Our volunteers are constantly telling us they feel they are benefitting just as much as the members. Our volunteers bring such creativity and care to the PARC each day. From music lessons to self-help classes, cooking courses, art shows, and more—we couldn't have picked a better team of people if we tried. Even more important, our volunteers give love. They show love and speak love and pour out love to our members. Just a genuine conversation between a volunteer and a member is the catalyst that begins to break the cycle of homelessness.

party 2.jpg

The people that come through our doors each day represent two things: power and purpose. Our volunteers who serve so selflessly week after week give us our power. Without them, we couldn't reach the homeless in the same way. Every volunteer that gives—be it their time, talents, money—brings one more stroke of power through our doors. The other half of our visitors who give us purpose are our members. Without our members, we wouldn't even be here. They are the ones God boldly called us to help. And through His power (our volunteers), God has been boldly transforming the members of the PARC for over a year now.

Thank you. Thank you to everyone who has shown up. To give, to receive. We couldn't have done it without you.