People come and go at the PARC every day. We don't ever know what to expect on a day to day basis or who might walk through our doors. The past several weeks we have seen a definite transition in the ones who are coming. As we looked at our members log and ran some numbers, we realized that 70% of the ones who have been coming to the PARC have gotten jobs and or found places to live. I would say that those are numbers worth celebrating.

Julie started coming to the PARC around February. In March she suffered a setback, relapsed, and began to try to pick herself back up. Julie began and completed ARAD, a rehabilitation program, and came back to the PARC. She used the time here to grow in her confidence and find herself again. She began to dream. We watched her as she began to look for jobs and fill out the applications. Everyone joined in to help make sure the words were spelled correctly. We all rejoiced with her when she got an interview, cheered for her when she went, and then celebrated with her when she returned with the good news that she would start on Friday!! I wish you could have seen the smile on her face. We are so proud of her and hopeful for her future. 

the PARC is in transition now as new members are coming in. We enjoy the new relationships that are being formed and continue to be amazed at the transformation that takes place as those who are experiencing homelessess find their value, remember their identity and become aware of life's possibilities. I hope you will join us as we help to break the cycle of homelessness in our community as the PARC offers relationship and gives opportunities for them to experience success. Volunteers are always needed to help with projects, lead classes and join in the conversation. Monetary donations are needed so that the PARC can continue to touch and change the lives of those who are often nameless in our community.