The last few days at the PARC have been busy and full of life. Friday night, hundreds of people walked through our doors for our very first fundraiser. The PARC Art Show was such a beautiful presentation of our members' hard work and represented what the PARC stands for in such a glorious way.  The donors were able to meet the artists and hear about how their lives had been changed. We were honored by those who came and donated to the PARC so that we can continue to help those experiencing homelessness to break their cycle.

On Monday we had a wedding! Ruben and Maresa shared their vows in front of their PARC family. It was a  beautiful ceremony. Our volunteers provided a gorgeous table full of scrumptious food, fresh flowers and an incredible wedding cake. Royce Gooch, one of our volunteers and a pastor at Trinity Fellowship performed the ceremony. 

Ruben came to the PARC right after we opened. He describes himself as "a messed up bawl bag that didn't know up from down." After a short stay in jail he decided that he didn't like the man he was becoming and set out to make positive changes. He told us that the PARC helped him to break that cycle in which he had found himself. Ruben found a job and then found a place to live. We all celebrate with him!!! 

Lives are being changed every day at the PARC. We hope that you stop by and meet some of our members and experience what happens within our walls. Please consider giving financially, as well. Your investment will produce rewards that will affect generations to come.