Possibilities at the PARC

Brittany and I were having a conversation yesterday and she began to tell me about how much she loves the PARC and why she likes to come. I asked her to tell me more about her reasons and this is what she told me.

"the PARC is with me in my every day life. It gives me room to think. I can meditate while I'm working on my art. It has taught me to focus more in here so that when I go out there I have more discipline. I feel valued when I am here. It helps me to know that people actually care about me and my well being. My confidence has grown because of coming to the PARC; [it] has built my self esteem. The way the staff and volunteers compliment me on my artwork and what I am doing in life has given me confidence to do what I need to do. Coming to the PARC has helped to keep me clean and it will definitely influence my future and help me to help others."

Brittany lost her children a little over a year ago due to her addiction. She lived at the Haven for 4 months and then has been at the Salvation Army for the past 3 months. Since then she has completed ARAD, an addiction recovery program and found a job.  She is working so hard to be independent and self-supporting. She has completed all her work with CPS and is working diligently on her budget so that she can get an apartment and bring her children home. We are so proud of her and how committed she is to do all that is necessary to get her life back to the place that she can raise and support her children. Brittany is full of life and personality and makes an impact wherever she goes. I can't wait to see where life takes her. There is no limit to her possibilities!