the PARC Art Show

At the PARC we have seen many begin to break the cycle of homelessness in which they have been stuck. There are many reasons that contribute to this, but one of the key pieces is the projects that they participate in when they come. What we have discovered is that many that come to the PARC are gifted artists or craftsmen. The PARC allows them to express those things that are inside of them that they have either forgotten or never knew existed. We are amazed and blessed by the beautiful work that is produced on a daily basis by the members. As they see and experience success, and see the result of their work, they begin to find that their value and their confidence grows. They have said over and over, “It helps me to realize that I don’t have to stay where I am.” 


On April 24, many of these works will be on display, and you will be given the opportunity to purchase them as a donation to the PARC. The members have worked hard for this art show and are excited to be able to contribute and give back. I hope that you will come. The show will be at the PARC, and you will have an opportunity to meet some of the artists. It will be an evening of fun and food and all donations will go directly to the PARC.  

C.J., one of the members, describes the PARC as “a community center where those that are homeless can get back in the community.” Many are doing so. In just the few short months that the PARC has been open, 10 have found jobs, 8 have found a place to live, and 2 are in school. As relationships are built and opportunities for success are given, our community is benfited by your donation.