The Difference a Conversation Can Make

David has been coming to the PARC only a few days. He told me that he is waiting on his income tax return and  that I would probably not see him for a few days when he got it. When I asked him why, he told me that he would probably get a motel room and get drunk. I said, "Oh David, I hate you to waste your money and it be gone so quickly. I wish you could use if for something that would help you or that you need." He told me that he would be careful. A little later that day he came to me and told me that he was thinking about using his money to go see a friend. When I asked him if that would be a good thing, he nodded and said that he thought so. He was going to check in to the price of bus tickets. Towards the end of the day David found me again and said that he was thinking about going to see his parents. He had checked in to the price of a round trip ticket and felt like it would be a really good thing if he went to see them. He had not seen them in a very long time.

I don't know how David will decide to spend his money, but I can tell you that a simple conversation helped him to become aware that there are other possibilities than following in the footsteps of the decisions that he had previously made. Through relationship and conversation, those that are experiencing homelessness are reminded of the possibilities that will help them to break their cycle. They find their value and gain the confidence to move forward.

We need volunteers.. Volunteers have conversation and form relationship with the members through projects and classes. This is done by:

- Participating with the members in an already planned project

- Leading a project

- Teaching a class

- Sitting with the members and talking to them while they participate in a project

True change takes place when they are validated by someone taking the time to listen. This sense of worth propels them to take the steps to break their cycle of homelessness.  Anyone is welcome to drop by to see what we do at any time. We are open Tuesday - Friday, 8:00- 4:30. If you would like to more information, fill out the information on our 'join us' page and someone will contact you and get you plugged in.