Why I Like the PARC

When you walk through the doors of the PARC you notice it immediately. There is a peace and joy that is almost tangible. I recently asked the members why they liked coming to the PARC. Here are a few of their responses:

- I am treated as a person and not as an object or a number.

- People are nice.

- It is peaceful here.

- I don't have to worry about someone stealing my stuff.

- People listen to me.

- It's safe.

- I am accepted here.

- There is no judgment.

These are just a few of the reasons that I heard about the blessing of the PARC. The list goes on. When Josh first came I didn't think he would stay. He was angry and belligerent. We had to ask him to lower his voice on more than one occasion. He was argumentative and tried to take over the classes so that his opinion would be heard. He continued to come. As the volunteers listened and valued what he had to say we watched his countenance change. As he found acceptance, a peace settled over him. One day, as he was working on a project that took him several days to complete, I asked him if he had found out things about himself that he didn't know were there by coming to the PARC. He nodded and said, "the PARC has helped me to calm down and find patience.  It helps me to re-identify myself so that I can dig deep and find the strength to make a change." Josh has connected with Eloy from Goodwill and has some leads on a job. He is ready to work!  He still wrestles with his anger, but he sees himself as a victor. I am so proud of him.

As the number of our members increases, our need for volunteers grows. The miraculous changes that we see taking place happen through our volunteers taking the time to listen and have conversation. They do this by participating in projects that are already planned or by leading an activity. Some just come and join in the conversation. Showing value and acceptance has power! Please join us. You can call the PARC at 367-8024 or email us at volunteer@theparc.net. There is a place for you!