Making New Friends Every Day

the PARC is growing! Every day we see new faces and meet new friends. Wednesday was the biggest day we have had so far. 27 members joined us throughout the day and we were bursting at the seams! It was a wonderful day. At any time throughout the day you could look around and see the members at the tables working to complete their projects. There was conversation and an occasional burst of laughter. It is truly a place of peace and redemption. 

We continue to see people find hope and realize that they have possibilities for their life. The stories we hear over and over are that people are different when they come to the PARC. There is a peace there that allows them to escape the chaos and and an acceptance that envelops them when they walk through the door. It helps them to remember who they once were and to remind them that they can do more than they are doing now.


I had a long conversation with Leslie on Friday. She is experiencing many health issues and is afraid she may be confined to a wheelchair. As we talked, Leslie shared with me about how much she has changed since coming to the PARC. She remembers how scared she used to be and how she would never look anyone in the eye. Leslie would always keep her head down because she was full of shame and did not feel worthy. Now she has courage. She understands the importance of caring for herself and becoming the person she was intended to be. Through the projects she has learned that she is capable of more than she realized. Through the classes and the relationships she has formed, she is beginning to realize that she is valuable. "I work on that every day" she said. "The PARC has changed my life. I don't know where I would be if it weren't for you. I am a better person and you can quote that anywhere you want!!!"  She will fight for her health. She will fight for her future. Leslie is an amazing woman and it is such a joy to watch her discover that for herself.

I hope that you will join us and become a part of this wonderful and powerful work. Volunteers are needed as well as financial donations. You are always welcome to come by. Being a part of the PARC will leave you blessed and put a smile on your face. Come on. You will LOVE it!