New Classes

the PARC is filling up. We meet new people every day and have to say good-bye to a few. Last week, 3 of the members got jobs! It's hard to know we won't see them on a regular basis, but we celebrate with them as they move toward the possibilities of their life and breaking the cycle of homelessness.

One of the most exciting things happening around the PARC is the addition of classes to our schedule. The members love the teaching and discussion that takes place around the table. Katy wanted to attend a job fair at Work Force but needed help with her resume. Pam, one of our volunteers, met her here to help update her resume and prepare to interview.

We have a Recovery Class and a Boundaries Class taught every Wednesday by Deanna. Iris is teaching a Bible Study and Nan brought all of the things needed to teach a mosaic class for the members to make beautiful crosses. Nikki came and taught an art class where they are learning to create on canvass something that they didn't know was possbile. The members have told me that the PARC has shown them that they can do more than they thought. It becomes their motivation to try harder. Their success in the projects and classes encourages them to pursue opportunities that they were too discouraged to even consider before.

One of the most popular classes, Discovering Your Identity, is taught by Royce Gooch. He comes every week to help the members see that they are new creations. The Righteousness of Christ dwells in them and they are forgiven. Many of them are overcome as they begin to try to comprehend the magnitude that they are valued and worthy. 

We continue to see people change right before our eyes every day! As the membership grows, our needs increase. Please consider a financial donation to help those experiencing homelessness become aware of their possibilities. As relationship takes place through our volunteers, and the members begin to awaken to who they are and the things they are capable of, we can join together to break the cycle of homelessness.