New Year / New Starts


We continue to be amazed at the changes that are taking place right before our eyes in the lives of those that come to the PARC. When Leslie first came she was scared and suffered from anxiety attacks. After coming to the PARC on a consistent basis she finds that she isn't scared anymore. She has come to understand that she is capable of more than she realized and is even considering completing her degree. As we talked she said, "I can never repay what this place has done for me."

Daisha showed up last week. She had just arrived from Oklahoma where she is fleeing from an abusive home. Daisha is a very gifted artist and has been able to find friendship and stability while she tries to find a way to survive.  Some of our volunteers have helped her to find clothing and Eloy from Goodwill is working with her to help her find a job.

We are also celebrating with Willie who was able to get into an apartment over the holidays. He isn't around as much, so we miss him, but we are happy for him to be in his new home.

Lives are also  being changed in our volunteers. We hear comments such as, "This has been so good for me." "I love it!. I would be here every day if I could." "I came today a little selfishly. I needed to be here." 

After the holidays we extended our hours to be open 4 days a week. We are now open Tuesday - Friday from 8:00 - 4:30.  As the volunteer base grows we will move towards being open 5 days a week. One of our goals is to increase the classes that are offered. We currently have a Hope Recovery Support Group, a Thursday morning Bible Study, Crochet Lessons and an Art Class,  We soon will be offering classes in Discovering Your Identity and Carpentry.  Our members love to learn and gravitate towards anything that is being taught.

Right now the PARC serves about 35 members. This number increases daily as those who come share with others that they believe will benefit from what the PARC offers. Every day is different and is filled with new friends, great stories and changed lives.