Community Lunch

We were privileged to share in a community lunch, hosted by Central Church of Christ, on Saturday, December 20th.  Mark Love did a wonderful job of hosting approximatley 450  of those who  are experiencing homelessness in the Amarillo area for  a delicious meal, catered by Desperados. The guests were able to eat all they wanted and still have a box of food to take home. They were also given groceries, a first-aid kit, and the children were given toys by Santa.

the PARC was honored to be highlighted at the luncheon. Mark spoke about the ministry and gave the guests an opportunity to give.  We were blessed with $383.03. This was added to the generous offering of $280.31 that had already been taken by Loaves and Fishes. A total of $663.34 was donated to the PARC! We are so grateful.

It is such a blessing to work beside Mark Love and his ministy at Central Church of Christ. Together we are making a difference in Amarillo and in the lives of those experiencing homelessness.