the PARC Literally Saved My Life

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When I first came to Amarillo, I was sent to the Pavilion for severe depression and suicidal thoughts. After 2 weeks, I was released into the wild, homeless and afraid at the Salvation Army. So for the next 2 weeks, I was going to another place to stay during the day. The majority of the people seemed to enjoy being miserable and bitter all the time. There was nothing there to occupy one’s mind, no games and a television. Being there at the other place just added to the bad feelings and suicidal thoughts I already had. I had already planned a couple of ways to leave this world behind. I really didn’t want to be like everyone else. 

Then I found the PARC. I was greeted by the staff who asked me my  name. Then I met Taylor, who showed me the various parts of the building and all the activities the PARC offered. Still depressed, I stayed most of the day and left for home as the staff told me good bye. I came back the next day, and to my surprise, they greeted me by my name, I was so impressed. From that day, any time I entered the building, Will, Valerie, Jimmy, Taylor and Jenna always said hi anytime they were there. All of the time, there were several staff members always watching the floor. Doing activities most of the day along with the group sessions, kept my mind busy during the day. Still depressed, a couple of weeks passed by. Every day started feeling a little better each day with all the positivity that the PARC provides every day. Taylor would always walk around, checking in on everybody and what they were up to, and always “that’s great,” “good job” or “that looks good.” Taylor really caught my attention. I have never met a young lady so mature and full of positive energy. It amazes me how sweet and caring she is every day she is there, towards anybody and everything. Valerie, Jimmy, Will and Jenna, the most outgoing, positive friends I have ever met. 

Every day that I come to the PARC is the most calm and relaxing place that anyone could ever ask for. If it hadn’t been for the PARC, I would have never made it. the PARC literally saved my life from me ending it with a suicide. If it hadn’t been for the staff, volunteers and the other various people that make the PARC possible, I would have never seen the light in the darkness of my mind. If you ever need a place to get away from the stress, depression, suicidal thoughts or just need someone to talk to, the PARC might just save your life one day too.