Invest in Possibilities


Becoming an investor in the PARC is simple, convenient, and tailored to meet the needs of you.

We have recently partnered up with the RoundUp App to provide you with a one-of-a-kind investment opportunity.

The RoundUp App is a new and innovative way to become a monthly investor in the PARC. The RoundUp App allows you to automatically donate the change from your credit and/or debit card transactions. With each transaction that you use your card, RoundUp will round up the transaction to the nearest whole dollar amount. At the end of the month, RoundUp will tally the total change of your transactions and send a deposit directly to the PARC! All that you have to do is select the PARC as the nonprofit you would like to donate to and link your banks and cards through the app. Once you create an account, you do not need to use the app while making a purchase. Just swipe your card as usual!

Concerned that you may end up donating more than you hope? No worries! The RoundUp App allows you to set a cap on how much you would like to be donated each month.

Worried about keeping your personal information safe and secure? Secured by Stripe, the same payment processor as Amazon, Facebook, and many other corporations, account security is not a concern with RoundUp.

What are the benefits of using the RoundUp App? The RoundUp App:

  • Provides a critical source of consistent support that allows us to do our work. This is true philanthropy.

  • Makes investing effortless

  • The average investor ends up contributing $20-$30/month

  • Naturally fluctuates up and down with your spending

  • You can set a cap for the maximum amount you will donate in a month

Ready to take the next step towards making a change? You can download the app for iPhone, Android, or create an account on the Web.

As always, thank you so much for your continued support and generosity!