Miracles Happen at the PARC

Rainee started coming to the PARC not long after we opened. One of our values is "You never run out of chances." Rainee is an example of the power that value has. Due to her addiction, there were many occasions Rainee came to the PARC under the influence and had to be asked to leave. When she was ready she was welcomed back each time and given encouragement to persevere. We've been honored to journey with her, to watch her go from the streets, addiction and abuse through the strong battle to just stay sober. We had the privilege of walking with her as she decided to work through her steps of recovery; forgiveness, making amends, and the hard, hard things required to get her life back.

IMG_2870 (1).JPG

Last fall, Rainee transitioned to Martha's Home and overcame many obstacles to find a job and begin working. During this time, she cautiously moved towards reconciliation with her children through humility, respect and listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Recently, Rainee came by the PARC to introduce me to her daughter! This is no small matter. This is God at work in the mightiest of ways. Rainee's life today is a miracle! In her, I see HIS miraculous work, a fulfillment of promises, perseverance and hard work.

I am grateful for the PARC. I am grateful for my unlikely friends. I am grateful for the opportunity to watch God's miracles happen right before my very eyes.