the PARC uses a core set of values to fulfill our mission of helping those experiencing homelessness to find hope and possibilities. Hospitality is vital to this mission. 


At the PARC, we want both the environment and the people to be hospitable. This means:

  • The environment at the PARC will be warm and welcoming
    • The tables will be painted warm and inviting colors.
    • The room will be clean and in order.
    • Fresh coffee and water will be available.
    • The room will smell good.
    • Projects will be ready, presented in an attractive way on the tables. 
  • Everyone that does through the door will be greeted.
    • If we already know them, we will call them by name.
    • If they have never been to the PARC, a staff member or volunteer will go to the door and greet them.
      • The staff member or volunteer will welcome them, introduce themselves, and learn their name.
      • We will tell them that we are glad they are here.
      • The staff member or volunteer will then show them around the PARC, explain what we do at the PARC, and share the expectations. 
        • Show them the class schedule and let them know that we expect them to attend the classes.
        • Introduce them to the supplies and explain that they will need to find something to do. If there is something they need that they can't find, to let us know and we will try to find it for them.
        • Introduce them to other members.
        • Show them where the coffee and water are.
        • Show them where the restroom facilities are and where and when smoking is permitted. 
    • Throughout the day, we will check on the members, continue to call them by name, and make sure they have what they need. 
  • Maintain an atmosphere of peace.
    • Those that are angry or out of order will be asked/escorted outside until they have calmed down.
    • There will be mutual respect between staff, volunteers, and members.
    • The staff and volunteers are non-judgmental, open-hearted, positive, and encouraging.
  • There is a sense of belonging and ownership.
    • Those who come to the PARC will be called members.
    • As each person participates in activities that keep them productive and at ease, it maintains an atmosphere of peace and relationship.
  • When someone leaves the PARC, we will tell them goodbye and let them know that we are looking forward to the next time that we will see them.