The Power of the PARC

This past week I have had the honor of giving several tours of the PARC to people that had not been here before. If you have been around me for very long you know that I LOVE to talk about the PARC. It is one of my most favorite things when someone asks me to tell them about the PARC and what we do. It is even greater when I can watch the light come on in their eyes and they too catch the passion for the heart of the PARC.

the PARC is unique and hard to explain, but as most of you know, the minute you walk in the door one can feel the 'presence'. We call it the power of the PARC. Something is different about this place. Many of our volunteers will just show up and say, "I needed to be at the PARC today." It is true. We all are able to experience the beauty of this place, no matter where we come from,

I can't really explain it. I don't really have to. I just know that here we stand on the principles of acceptance and respect. Everyone is called by their name and we never run out of chances. It is a place where we ALL get to experience that; a place where we are all valued. the PARC is a place where we ALL are known, and it is beautiful. Thank you for all you do to make THIS PLACE possible.