No More Room in the Inn

Friday was a really fun day. We had a nice surprise when Rainee walked in the door. It has been quite some time since we have seen her, and she seems to bring sunshine wherever she goes. As she shared with me the challenges of managing her own store and the improvements that have been made at her apartment complex, I couldn't help but bask in the joy of seeing her come so far. She continues to work so hard to stay sober and find a life of her very own. Rainee saw Max come in, and screamed and ran over to hug him. They met and became friends when both of them were homeless. Max has been living in his own apartment for over a year, but he still likes to come visit the PARC and see his friends. Seeing how successful both of them have become brings me so much joy, and confirms what the PARC can do for people.

Tricia was here too, and was glowing as she shared how much she is enjoying her apartment. She now has a job answering phones for the Downtown Women's Center.

The room was packed. So many were here, and in that there were those that have found 'success' still coming back to the place where they found themselves; the place where they found accpetance and true community. It is their anchor. the PARC is about relationship, and those relationships continue even after they find success. I love that part so very much.

But then another thing happened. A volunteer had brought lunch and after the members had been served one of the them approached Kara. They said, "There are no more chairs. Is it okay if I go outside and sit on the bench to eat my lunch?" I can't stand that. There are no more chairs. There is no more room. the PARC is growing and we are out of room. So many people are coming here that find hope and see their possbilities become a reality, and I don't want to turn any away. We don't want them to leave because they can't find a chair. I feel so compelled and passionate that we have to make more room. We have the opportunity to purchase the property behind us and then we can build. We can expand and make more room.

I could go on and on, but please hear my heart. God is moving here. More and more are coming. We need you to give. Please pray and ask if you can be a part of helping us make more room. Ask your friends. Ask strangers. I don't care. Just ask, and in that process share with them how the PARC is changing lives of those that had given up hope and have now found it again. Downtown Amarillo is changing. It is time for homelessness to change too!