The Power of Deciding

Ravi came to me last week and asked me to share his testimony of how his life has taken a dramatic turn in this past year. We, at the PARC, have had the privilege of walking with Ravi and watching him make hard decisions day after day. We have had the honor of seeing him take the steps to move to his 'next' and then his 'next'. He continues to move forward. These are his words.

"I have completely changed to become a better human being, filled with compassion and love to every person, place and things surrounding me. I was pushed to a corner with nowhere to turn, not knowing what was in store or which direction to go. I was surrounded by negative energies, hopelessness, bitterness, and anger. I CHOSE to lead a different lifestyle altogether, relying on honesty and truthfulness to shape my future. Slowly and cautiously I took steps with the help of support groups, organizations and opportunities to lay a strong foundation for a life full of abundant love and compassion. What I have accomplished is pure and crystal happiness.

"As a member of the PARC I utilized the tools provided to me to enhance my spiritual knowledge towards the purposes for my life. My unconditional commitment to every activity at the PARC has made me a better individual which is evident both in my qualitative and quantitative product of the principles and promises of the PARC".

At the PARC they are given back their name.

At the PARC they realize they are capable.

At the PARC the cycle of homelessness is broken and a sense of purpose is established.