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the PARC operates using a core set of values. One of the most important values is respect.


At the PARC, respect means:

  • Each person that walks through our doors will be treated with respect by staff, volunteers, and other members. 

  • As staff and volunteers, we respect their decisions.
    • If they choose not to meet our expectations, we will respect that decision, and they are free to leave. They can come back to the PARC whenever they are ready to abide by the culture of the PARC.
      • This supports the value that they never run out of chances. When we tell them to leave, they will know that they can come back whenever THEY decide. 
    • If they choose to make decisions other than what we deem best when they leave the PARC, we will respect them and allow them to walk the path that they choose, and not the path we would choose for them. 
      • There will be no judgement, and they will be shown acceptance and love for who they are and not what they do. 
  • When addressing an issue, we will be forthright and firm in our responses while still using respectful and kind words.
  • Good manners are expected to show respect and gratitude. These will be encouraged and taught with kindness.