The Power of Relationship

Last week I had such a wonderful time of refreshing and renewal. It was restorative. A friend of mine and I went to North Carolina to visit our friend that has recently moved there. The three of us have been together for over 15 years in a group that met weekly or bi-weekly. Our purpose was to live life together; to be honest and vulnerable; to open ourselves to one another to share our pain, struggles, victories and disappointments. We came together each week for advice, encouragement and most of all accountability. We had to prioritize this time and worked hard to be committed to coming together. The result is that our relationship is strong and it is easy. We know each other inside and out and love one another all the way through.

Relationship is important. It feeds and encourages us in ways we are not able to do on our own. It calls us higher and helps us to see ourselves through  a different perspective. It helps to remind us of who we are truly meant to be. My friends have encouraged me to do things I would never have thought possible because they believed in me more than I did in myself. They saw things in me, both good and bad, that I could not see. 

Relationship is the foundation on what everything else is built at the PARC. It is THE most important thing we do, and it is the hardest. Steve works in construction downtown and comes in every day to the PARC on his lunch break. John stops in each morning before he catches the bus for his shift, and last week 2 members of the PARC that live in their own place came by. I was so sad to have missed them, but it is a reminder to me of the power of the PARC. Lives change here because together we help each other to see through different perspectives. The relationships that happen here help people do things they never thought possible because we believe in them more than they believe in themselves. It matters. It is powerful. It is miraculous.

As the PARC has grown our need for volunteers has increased. We need YOU. Look for times in your schedule when you can come to the PARC to make some friends and establish relationships. It will be rewarding and impactful. Yes, relationships take work, but they are well worth the effort. We truly are changing our city one life at a time. I hope that you will come and join us.

For more information about volunteering at the PARC, please call us at (806)367-8024 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you!