Unlikely Friends

Pastor Allan and Adela at the Movies.jpg

Our “Unlikely Friends” evening last Friday night was powerful. One of the PARC members wrote me a letter and I believe her words describe the night perfectly.  “I was surrounded by a great community that just showered me with greetings of love, kindness and support. It felt like such a wonderful happening of people who love each other and love me. It was like a family reunion.” That is exactly how I felt!!

It was such a beautiful evening of people in our community coming from various and diverse backgrounds to be together, have conversation and make new friends. I love the way it communicated the heartbeat of the PARC and I was overwhelmed when I stood at the front of the theater and saw the members of the PARC propped up in their recliners with their popcorn and drinks. 

The story of Ron and Denver depicts so powerfully how relationship changes us and how that change then spreads throughout our community and further. That is what we are doing at the PARC. Relationships are formed, lives are changed and the cycle of homelessness is broken. As those that are often unseen find their value and remember who they are, they see the possibilities before them and begin to take the steps to move to their ‘next’.

I would like to invite you to join with us in changing the lives of those experiencing homelessness in Amarillo. For each member, it costs the PARC $25 a day, $125 a week and $500 a month to offer them life’s possibilities. Please consider partnering with us by giving to the PARC on a monthly basis and help provide for a member’s day, week or even month.

Thank you to everyone who came, to everyone who gave, to everyone who volunteered, and especially to Central Church of Christ, First United Methodist Canyon, St. Stephen United Methodist Church, More Church, and John and Karen Walker for sponsoring the night. With your help, we are rebuilding lives and helping the homeless become aware of life's possibilities!