Fighters Fight

Danny came to the PARC several weeks ago. He had just graduated from a drug rehab program and was staying at Salvation Army. He was struggling. We watched Danny fight. He set his goals and headed towards them with his eyes straight ahead. Danny was determined to stay sober, get a job and gain his independence. We watched him overcome obstacle after obstacle.

Danny doesn't have a car, but he has a bicycle. He would ride to the PARC in the mornings and then head out towards his required meetings and appointments. He would check in with us throughout the day. We would see him return so discouraged, but he continued to fight. As the days progressed, the friends he had graduated with began to relapse. Danny continued to fight. He attended a class here at the PARC where he was able to write a cover letter and resume. He took those with him as he looked for a job. He continued to fight.

Sometimes the obstacles he faced seemed too high, but he continued to fight. One morning Danny came in and told us that someone had cut the tires on his bike and stolen the tubes. He refused to let it deter him and continued to fight. He brought in a job application a few days ago and asked for some help filling it out. We encouraged him when he took in his application and then rejoiced with him when he came back to tell us he got the job!

This morning when I arrived at the PARC, Danny was across the street waiting on the bus to go to his first day of work!!! He was excited and nervous. I am so proud of him. Fighters fight.

I believe in Danny. He is a fighter, and I know that he will continue to head towards his goals. Fighters fight.