our vision

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the PARC is committed to helping individuals break the cycle of homelessness. By retaining its identity as a complement to other agencies, the PARC can hone its efforts on doing what it does best; loving people and restoring their identity. The organization has proven that, on a small scale, it can be effective in providing a vital component needed to solve the complex problem of homelessness. Now, it is time to expand upon the vision by increasing the capacity to reach more of the homeless population.

However, local support has to exist in order to expand and achieve the vision. Support from generous donors helps ensure that the PARC’s doors are always open for those experiencing homelessness to find their possibilities. When the PARC welcomes a new member, we are not just providing a secure place to go to during the day, we gain a new and unlikely friend.

The PARC provides donors several options to give including the following: