the PARC offers those experiencing homelessness an opportunity to engage in a productive environment during the day. Valerie and Robert envisioned a place where people could come and be known. At the PARC, they find connection and encouragement, regaining the confidence needed to break the cycle of homelessness in which they have found themselves. the PARC is a complement to other agencies that provide shelter, meals, rehabilitation services, and medical assistance so that a well-rounded system of service and support is provided for the homeless in Amarillo. 

When someone walks through the doors at the PARC, they are greeted and called by their name. Through the relationships that take place, the PARC members are validated and start to find themselves again. the PARC staff and volunteers provide one-on-one conversation and collaboration for guided activities, projects, and classes. These classes and projects start to uncover gifts and skills that perhaps have been lying dormant for years. Facilitating an atmosphere where everyone can feel valued and respected as individuals is key.

The connection our members find here often changes their countenance within the first day. They begin to stand up straight, smile more, and make more eye contact. Through the value, self-esteem, and confidence our members gain at the PARC, 67.7% of our members experience success of some kind. Some successes include getting a house, getting a job, reconciling with family, entering a treatment program, or going to school. 

The demand for PARC services has begun to exceed our current capabilities.

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