the PARC’s current building is 2,248 sq. ft. At this size, we are limited to the amount of people that we can serve. On average, the PARC serves 158 unique individuals a month, or about 45 individuals a day. This means the PARC currently only serves about 20.4% of the homeless population in Amarillo, TX.

the PARC is under contract to purchase the lot located behind the current property. Once purchased, the PARC will then renovate and expand the current programming square footage by about 100%. This will ultimately help us impact many more individuals. Our goal is to reach at least half of the homeless population in Amarillo, TX.

the PARC’s Board of Directors and staff have determined the goals and objectives for the Capital Campaign based on the following:

 Strategic Focus 1 ($225,000)

  • funds to purchase the building located behind the PARC by December 2019

  • increase individual donor support and monthly giving.

  • Playa Design Studio has completed the architectural design for the expansion of the PARC.

Strategic Focus 2 ($500,000)

  • Renovate existing and purchased property

  • New construction to combine the two properties

Strategic Focus 3 ($200,000)

  • Increase volunteer and staff resources

  • Community awareness and donor relationships

Strategic Focus 4 ($300,000)

  • Build an endowment fund for sustained operational support

For a glimpse of our vision, click here.