As we get closer to our 4th annual One-on-One fundraiser, I am excited to invite you to be a part of something new. . . and something old. This year the PARC will be hosting our event at the historic Herring Hotel in downtown Amarillo on Saturday, November 16.

The REBUILDING of downtown Amarillo has been a significant visual of what happens when a community joins together to restore and reform. the PARC has been a vital part of this redemptive process and we are so excited about the future.

Will you join us in this REBUILDING process by sponsoring?

At the Panhandle Adult REBUILDING Center, we are obviously all about REBUILDING. We are honored to help rebuild people, relationships, and our community. Our purpose is to demonstrate the power of redemption, and the Herring Hotel will be a perfect backdrop that shows the power of hope and restoration.

We are still fairly new in the non-profit world, but we have already seen incredible success. Especially in the members who have come full circle and now support the PARC through donations, as well as serve at the PARC and help encourage our current members to keep going! Their testimony is a first-hand example of what hard work and the process of REBUILDING can do.

Every day we get to watch lives being rebuilt and redeemed.

Will you help keep the circle going?

Serving Together, Valerie Gooch I Executive Director

Tickets and Sponsorships are available for purchase here.

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