Our History

The vision for the Panhandle Adult Rebuilding Center (the PARC) came from the need to address a gap in care not being provided to the homeless population of Amarillo. While many agencies in Amarillo provide overnight shelter, food and other necessities there was still a gap in helping those experiencing homelessness find their identity and purpose, which are needed to help break the cycle. the PARC was founded to provide a place during the day where those experiencing homelessness could be known and find themselves again; a place of hope.

the PARC was founded by Valerie Gooch and Robert Lee in 2014 as a result of an unlikely friendship. They met while Robert was participating in a recovery program where Valerie was working. They were from different worlds and had each lived a life that was difficult for the other to comprehend. After completing his recovery program, Robert and Valerie began working together to distribute donations and meals to those experiencing homelessness. 

Through working together, they became close friends and developed a respect and acceptance for one another in spite of their differences. This friendship created a new perspective through which they began to view life differently.

Together, they developed a vision for a place built on acceptance and hope; that those who came would find their value and gain the confidence to take the steps to move forward to their “next.” This vision is what the PARC was founded on.  

Through all the challenges and unknowns, Robert and Valerie knew God had crafted a path for them to achieve their dreams. the PARC opened its doors for the first time on November 19, 2014. Since then, many have walked through the doors and all have been shown value, acceptance and a safe place where they are called by their name. Hundreds have come through and moved on to their “next” because they regained their identity and self-confidence. In December of 2017, Robert passed away, but he leaves behind a legacy of unlikely friendship, and a call to know and see people for who they really are, and believe in their possibilities even when they can’t.


Please check out our JOIN US page and see the opportunities available for you to get involved. It takes volunteers of all kinds to accomplishing our goals for relationship and discipleship. TOGETHER we can impact our community and become aware of life's possibilities.